Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli & C. S.p.A.


Foto storica Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli was incorporated in 1947, thanks to Antonio Ghiringhelli’s and his brother Renzo’s natural inclination to entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the opportunities offered by the post-war era, the firm grew quickly, efficiently expanding its machinery park and providing work opportunities to hundreds of people living in the firm’s surroundings, and to members of the Ghiringhelli family, over the years.

Year after year profitable growth continued and linings remained the firm’s driving force up until the nineties, when the market imposed diversification and expansion towards the global market on its actors. It was in this setting that Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli identified technical and medical fields as new areas of expansion for the firm.

As of today, Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli is still renewing its looms department, made up of over 150 frames for the weaving of taffeta and satin of any height to guarantee competitive pricing and excellent quality. The sizing process is also managed internally to knock down production prices even more. Upon request products can be finished in external dye works partnering with Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli: well known, reliable, long-time partners for the dying, scouring (washing) and finishing.

When a client chooses Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli, he can rely on a trust worthy leader, that has been working in the textile field for over 50 years.

Apart from high quality standards and competitve pricing, after the purchase, integration of the purchased machine inside the client’s production lines is also supported thanks to Tessitura Antonio Ghiringhelli’s experience.